Weight Loss Tips And Exercise

Weight Lose Tips

In today’s world it’s harder than ever to keep your weight under control.

Fact are now showing over 2/3 of U.S. adults are now overweight or obese….

CDC statistics revealed that the number of obese people actually outnumber the amount of merely overweight people now!

Statistics in 2011 show one in three children are now overweight or obese; nearly triple the rate from 1963.

We have become a nation of fat and obese people.

Billions of dollars are being spent marketing high sugar and highly refined carbohydrate foods to you.

What about the billions of dollars spent marketing these foods to you using subliminal triggers along with the use of secretly hidden chemicals in food that are actually designed to distort your brain’s sensation of flavor.

If you exercise and notice that you are still packing on the extra pounds, here is something you should know.

Foods that you eat are 3 times more important for controlling you packing on the pounds than you exercising.

I often mention this that if you want to lose weight and stop weight gain, start with a very low carb, limited protein and very high healthy saturated fat diet like my diet 3 Step LCHF Diet which you can see at http://dayssun.com/thank-you-for-signing-up/

It should be very clear to everyone right now that this low fat diet, promoted by many doctors and health care practitioners, is NOT working. Dah! Just look again at the statistics above.

And if you exercise and buy into the belief that it removes vital nutrients from your body that you must replace before, during and after exercising, read this…

There is a very good chance that you’re not exercising long enough to deplete your body of too much of anything!

And the sugary products consumed just before or during exercise will only lead to a spiking and crashing of your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Doing this will most likely result in the increased hydration you are looking for, but may reduce your athletic performance.

Water may be the best drink to take before, during and after exercising.

So what foods help you that may be 3 times better than exercising when it comes to sizzling off those extra pounds and stop your weight gain?

Lots of whole organic vegetables along with limited amount of quality grass fed pastured meat products not processed along with healthy life sustaining saturated fats, not refined vegetable oils and margarine.

When you eat like this, you are actually taking a short cut to burning fat.

Here is the reason why…

Your body has 2 choices when it comes to energy.

It can burn carbs (sugar) or it can burn fat.

When you are trying to lose weight, your body has to burn all of the readily available carbs, which is easiest energy source for it to access.

Only then will it go into an emergency mode and began to burn fat.

But on a very low carb, limited protein and high fat diet you burn through those carbs very quickly and begin burning the fats you consumed.

When those fats are burnt, your body just keeps burning fat, but now it is your body fat.

Makes sense, right?

But now you can get access and lean everything you need to know to get started at http://dayssun.com/thank-you-for-signing-up/


I explore the many diets on the market. I looked at the USDA Myplate diet, diets high in protein low in fat and the high fat low carb diet plans. What I found is the high fat low carb diet seemed to have the most health benefits for you. But a high fat diet weight loss plan goes against everything you have been taught for your whole life. Plus if you have never been on a high fat low carb diet, you are so conditioned to sugar and grains at every meal you probably picture low carb dinner ideas as bland and tasteless. What I want to show you is a new diet plan that is tasty, healthy and easy to stick to because it eliminates all your cravings. Plus it tackles another problem with most diets, because it can be customized to your individual metabolism. When I was researching diets I noticed a lot were not customized. It was all about a “one size fits all” diet. So I wrote my own book the 3 Step Low Carb High Fat Diet plan which is a customized diet that adjusts according to each individual’s metabolism, and is based on the research I did on multiple high fat low carb diets.

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