Savings And Weight Loss

Savings And Weight Loss

You go to the grocery store and decide to eat healthy.

You know, organic vegetables and grass fed and pastured finished meat products.

Then you look at the prices and throw that idea out, thinking it is way too expensive to eat healthy.

But read on and I will explain how it just might be less expensive.

How could that be?

If you go shopping and continue to follow a low fat diet, yes you can almost be assured that it will cost more.

But on the other hand, if you do the same following a very low carb, limited quality protein and high healthy fat diet, you could see your grocery bill drop.

When you are on this type of diet, you no longer get the sugar crashes or cravings in-between meals.

In fact, you feel satisfied though out the day.

So naturally you may find yourself eating less. A lot less.

And when you eat less, you lose more weight!

Not only that, on the low carb high fat diet with limited protein, the majority of your calories from your meal come from the healthy fat.

It is amazing that a couple of tablespoons of grass fed cow butter will give you the amount of calories you need in a meal.

A cup of green beans is around 44 carb calories but one tablespoon of organic grass fed cow butter would contain around 102 fat calories.

And who doesn’t like lots of melted butter on their green beans?

A 6 oz. steak contains 254 calories, but 117 of those calories are fat calories.

So if you were to have a 6 oz. grass fed steak, cup of fresh organic green beans with a couple of tablespoons of grass fed cow butter poured over them. You would be getting 181 carb and protein calories and a whopping 321 fat calories.

This one meal gives you a healthy 502 calories and will leave you satisfied in-between meals.

Now that you see a picture of a high fat diet meal, it doesn’t sound like starving anymore nor does it sound like you are eating a glob of cold butter.

Now it doesn’t sound like you are sacrificing flavors and eating a bland diet just to lose weight.

Just need to remember though, NOT to eat any potatoes, bread or any other processed food with this meal.

Doing so would spike your blood glucose and blood sugar and cause your body to store all the healthy fats you ate undoing all the healthy weight loss potential the meal would have had.

But that’s not all….

Recent studies show that the lower the carbs you eat on the low carb high fat diet may also help you with any of the recent spiking diseases we see today.

Things like being overweight, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, better cholesterol ratios, depression and many of the other diseases.

Being healthier may mean less doctor visits, fewer prescriptions and less over the counter drugs.

So as you see in this post, eating healthy on a very low organic carb, limited quality protein and a high healthy fat diet may actually save you lots of money in the long run.

If you would like to learn more about how low fat diets, low carb very high protein diets compare to a low carb high fat diet FOLLOW THIS LINK!


I explore the many diets on the market. I looked at the USDA Myplate diet, diets high in protein low in fat and the high fat low carb diet plans. What I found is the high fat low carb diet seemed to have the most health benefits for you. But a high fat diet weight loss plan goes against everything you have been taught for your whole life. Plus if you have never been on a high fat low carb diet, you are so conditioned to sugar and grains at every meal you probably picture low carb dinner ideas as bland and tasteless. What I want to show you is a new diet plan that is tasty, healthy and easy to stick to because it eliminates all your cravings. Plus it tackles another problem with most diets, because it can be customized to your individual metabolism. When I was researching diets I noticed a lot were not customized. It was all about a “one size fits all” diet. So I wrote my own book the 3 Step Low Carb High Fat Diet plan which is a customized diet that adjusts according to each individual’s metabolism, and is based on the research I did on multiple high fat low carb diets.

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