Red Cabbage

red cabbage

I am sure you have probably tried red cabbage, also called purple cabbage.

You may have wondered if red cabbage is the same as green cabbage.

No it is different but not just color.

You can eat red cabbage raw shredded in salads or cooked.

My favorite is steamed in lots of grass fed cow butter.

Or as red sauerkraut if you eat some that has been fermented.

You can also use red cabbage when or if you ever get constipated because it has plenty of insoluble fiber.

Red cabbage is one of the highest vitamin C foods on earth which gives your immune system a boost.

A study was done and published in the Research in Pharmaceutical Science to see red cabbage’s effect on your inflammation especially in the joints such as arthritis.

Results showed you can get a reduction in swelling when given extracts of red cabbage.

They recommend you eat at least one serving of red cabbage per day to help prevent and treat arthritis and its side effects.

You get vitamin K from red cabbage which increases a specific protein required to maintain bone health and reduce your risk of Osteoporosis.

Again if you include a serving of red cabbage every day.

Another study from the University of Auckland in New Zealand researched extracts of six anthocyanin rich edible plants.

What they found is red cabbage’s antioxidants which is found in the anthocyanins may prevent or reverse your DNA damage that is associated with degenerative diseases.

This puts red cabbage in good standing with your other cancer fighting foods.

A growing Korean tradition is to make kimchi with red cabbage.

Kimchi is considered a vegetable probiotic food that contributes health benefits in a similar manner as yogurt, a dairy probiotic food.

In summing it all up, red cabbage…

  1. Boosts the Immune System
  2. Fights Inflammation and Arthritis
  3. Aids Healthy Bones and Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis
  4. Combats Chronic Disease
  5. Promotes a Healthy Gut

You can add and reap the benefits of red cabbage on any diet.

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