Organic Vs Non-GMO

Organic Vs Non-GMO

Organic Vs Non-GMO, Which Is Better For You?

Organic foods, unlike non-GMO foods, are prohibited from using chemicals known as “obesogens”.

Obesogens are foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of your lipid metabolism which can lead to obesity because they trigger your body to store fat.

Here are a few of the chemicals that are defined as obesogens. They are antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and synthetic preservatives.

Researcher Paula Baillie-Hamilton published an article in 2002 in the Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine that presents strong evidence that chemical exposure to obesogens caused weight gain in the study’s animals.

Also reported in the New York Times piece, “Warnings From A Flabby Mouse”, exposure to obesogens chemicals can disrupt your endocrine and may lead to you gaining weight.

This should be important for you to know because many of the synthetic pesticides that can be found on non-GMO conventional crops are obesogen chemicals that disrupt your endocrine.

Plus the use of sewage sludge to fertilize some of these non-GMO crops has been shown to contain obesogens chemical which can disrupt your endocrine.

By limiting your exposure to obesogens by choosing an organic diet may be the boost you need to finally lose the weight and keep it off.

Please note that organic crops are also prohibited from being fertilized with sewage sludge.

Conventional non-GMO crops are sometimes treated with bio solids, which is literally the treated waste that’s flushed down your toilet or waste from hospitals and industry.

These bio solids can contain things such as heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and dioxins.

What is even scarier is it has been shown that some of these contaminants are absorbed into the crops you eat.

These type of residues have actually proven very deadly to cattle that have grazed on crops fertilized with bio solids, and it certainly isn’t something I think you should be eating.

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