New Granddaughter


I am so proud to have been blessed with 4 granddaughters and soon to have a grandson!

But when I think how I felt over a decade ago, I wonder.

Would I even be around to have seen my family grow?

I had high blood pressure and constantly felt sugar spikes throughout the day.

I was on the verge of pre diabetic.

My energy level was low compared to today.

What changed for me?

One thing, diet.

Once I wrote the 3 Step LCHF Diet e-Book back in September and stuck to it my life changed.

More energy.

No more aches and pains that I used to suffer with every day.

No more sugar spikes.

No more food cravings.

I have much better metal and thought clarity throughout the day.

I feel satisfied between meals.

Feel energized throughout the day.

I feel much calmer.

I feel not a decade younger, but decades younger.

In fact, I can’t remember when I have felt this good.

What about you?

Do you feel younger?

Do you have as much energy as you did years ago?

I didn’t just write a diet book as I changed my diet. This book is based on science and many recent studies that I took and compiled this fact filled diet book.

How would you like to feel better and better almost every day?

Let me tell you, it feels like a dream each and every day I wake.

You don’t need to surrender to old age, fight it.

Really, once you learn how it is easier than you think.

Get started today for free by GOING TO THIS URL NOW!


I explore the many diets on the market. I looked at the USDA Myplate diet, diets high in protein low in fat and the high fat low carb diet plans. What I found is the high fat low carb diet seemed to have the most health benefits for you. But a high fat diet weight loss plan goes against everything you have been taught for your whole life. Plus if you have never been on a high fat low carb diet, you are so conditioned to sugar and grains at every meal you probably picture low carb dinner ideas as bland and tasteless. What I want to show you is a new diet plan that is tasty, healthy and easy to stick to because it eliminates all your cravings. Plus it tackles another problem with most diets, because it can be customized to your individual metabolism. When I was researching diets I noticed a lot were not customized. It was all about a “one size fits all” diet. So I wrote my own book the 3 Step Low Carb High Fat Diet plan which is a customized diet that adjusts according to each individual’s metabolism, and is based on the research I did on multiple high fat low carb diets.

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