Mind And Weight Loss

Mind Over Weight Loss

Is losing weight long term rigged against you?

Didn’t you ever wonder why it is so hard to lose weight no matter what diet you go on?

But read on, because it just might not be your fault after all.

When you understand what causes you to hold onto your body fat, and why your previous diets never work long term, you may really see the numbers on the scale go down.

Low fat, low fat, low fat, no refined sugars and cut calories and get plenty of exercise has been the diet plan the U.S. healthcare practitioners have shoved on you throughout your whole life.

And when you go on this type of diet, they point the finger at you and say you ate too much fat or didn’t cut enough calories or you didn’t exercise enough.

And you think, “I cut almost all fat from my diet, cut calories until my cravings went through the roof and I felt like I was starving to death and I exercised until I flopped on the floor exhausted.”

Well here is a surprise for you.

The harder you try to stick to this type of diet, the harder it may be to lose weight long term.

In previous posts I have wrote that if you were to cut all the healthy saturated fats completely from you diet, you would become sickly and perhaps even cause organ failure OR death.

How would I know?

Because I followed the status quo low fat diet recommendations, exercised like no other and it did nothing to really improve my health beyond a point or two.

Then I followed a very low carb, moderate protein and very high fat calorie diet and things changed for me.

First my thoughts became clearer, I felt better, had more energy, felt satisfied throughout the day without cravings and effortlessly lost weight without trying.

I know you are probably thinking it sounds too good to be true.

In fact, it sounds like a snake oil salesperson.

Hey, I agree.

Listen, I did years of research behind all the science and studies of all the diets and dieting out there and put it together to create a new diet book that I follow today.

And guess what?

It works!

Here is why.

There are two main sources of energy your body uses, sugar (carbs) and fat (healthy saturated fat and monounsaturated fat).

The easiest energy fuel source for your body to get to which consumes the least amount of calories is to convert into energy is sugar (carbs).

Since it takes more effort for your body to convert fat into energy, it stores this fuel source for emergencies.

So on a low fat diet, you must first burn the easy assessable energy fuel source (carbs) before you even start to burn the fat on your body.

Plus, any fat consumed on a low fat diet will be stored on your body for an emergency.

But on a very low carb, moderate protein, very high fat diet, your body burns through the carbs and learns very quickly to use fat as the preferred energy fuel source.

You can learn much more about how this high fat diet works, why the healthcare practitioners still recommend a low fat diet and other important facts that may point you towards your ultimate weight and health.

But before any of this can happen you must first control your mind in order to conquer your body.



I explore the many diets on the market. I looked at the USDA Myplate diet, diets high in protein low in fat and the high fat low carb diet plans. What I found is the high fat low carb diet seemed to have the most health benefits for you. But a high fat diet weight loss plan goes against everything you have been taught for your whole life. Plus if you have never been on a high fat low carb diet, you are so conditioned to sugar and grains at every meal you probably picture low carb dinner ideas as bland and tasteless. What I want to show you is a new diet plan that is tasty, healthy and easy to stick to because it eliminates all your cravings. Plus it tackles another problem with most diets, because it can be customized to your individual metabolism. When I was researching diets I noticed a lot were not customized. It was all about a “one size fits all” diet. So I wrote my own book the 3 Step Low Carb High Fat Diet plan which is a customized diet that adjusts according to each individual’s metabolism, and is based on the research I did on multiple high fat low carb diets.

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