high carb foods are as risky as cigarettes


Resent research suggests that high carb foods are as risky as cigarettes by increasing your risk for lung cancer by as much as 49%.

There are warnings on the cigarettes to let you know that cigarettes are hazardous to your health.

But you don’t have that protection when it comes to your food even though some foods are as risky as cigarettes.

There is new research that suggests refined non-vegetable fiber carbs such as potatoes, bagels and breakfast cereal are as risky as smoking, increasing your risk for lung cancer by as much as 49 percent.

Your risk is even higher if you’ve never smoked.

It seems among smokers eating a high glycemic diet was associated with a 31 percent increased risk for lung cancer.

A high glycemic index, which a measure of the effect that carbohydrates have on your blood sugar levels, was linked to a greater chance for developing lung cancer, researchers at the University of Texas MD Andersen Cancer Center found…

While the high levels of carbs can increase your risk of developing lung cancer, the researches point out that the quality of carbs can have biggest effect you.

Things like white bread and puffed rice cereal are highly refined, which is why these researchers suggested you swapping them out for whole-wheat or pumpernickel breads and pasta.

My thought is to go on a low carb high fat diet for the best results.

The summery from Dr. Xifeng Wu, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Texas is that you should reduce the consumption of foods and beverages that are high on the glycemic load may help you to lower your risk of lung cancer.

High glycemic foods in the form of refined carbs that are high in sugar promote insulin resistance and obesity.

Thing is this isn’t the first time a study found a connection between a high sugar and or obesity and cancer.

In fact, cancer specialists who discussed the cancer trend at the 2015 American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Chicago warned that obesity will likely overtake smoking to claim the lead spot as the principal cause of 10 different types of cancer within the next decade.

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