Diet And Teeth


Does your diet play a role in the health of your teeth?

If it does, then what is the best diet for your teeth?

Today you will learn about a dentist who wondered the same thing.

Early in the 1900’s an America dentist from Cleveland, Dr. Weston Price (1870-1948), set out on a research journey around the world to find out “what makes a healthy diet” and what causes your teeth to rot and decay.

Dr. Price’s travel research adventure led him to study the isolated and modernized Swiss, Gaelics, Eskimos, Peruvian Indians, Polynesians, Melanesians, African Tribes, Australian Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders, New Zealand Maori, Ancient Civilizations of Peru, and the North American Indians.

 He observed their dietary habits along with their tooth health.

During Dr. Price’s studies, one of the things he found out was that if you had a diet like the Swiss who drank milk liberally (raw milk, cream and butter), about 2-4 cups milk per day or 3-6oz cheese, and they also consumed dark rye sourdough bread (fermented), you would have less chance of having problems with your teeth.

He observed that the locals who ate the traditional Swiss diet were free of tooth decay and dental deformities, and had immunity to diseases.

This isn’t anything like the processed milk, cream and butter you get at the store today, this is grass fed cow’s raw milk, cream and butter.

And the bread is fermented bread not the highly processed loafs of bread you get at the stores today.

To make a long story short what he observed is when you eat processed foods regularly your chances to have problems with your teeth.

In fact when processed foods became popular, tooth rot and decay increased from 1% to 30%.

Even more alarming is when you pass on this type of diet to the next generation, your next generation of kin folk are more likely to have teeth crowding and dental deformities.

Dr. Price observed a lot of variations of diets with the different groups he studied.

But the only diets that had poor health as well as poor teeth health  used food additives, vegetable oils or hydrogenated oils, canned foods, white flour, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugars, low or reduced fat and highly processed dairy products or any protein powders.

Another thing his studies found was present in lowering the risk of tooth rot and decay is a diet high in minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Especially the Vitamins A, D, E and K2.

What you may find particularly interesting is that as part of the study Dr. Price took thousands of samples of the foods from the different groups he studied.

He compared the group’s traditional foods with the processed foods that were becoming more and more common in his time.

The results of this analysis showed the group’s traditional foods contained 10 times more of the important fat soluble vitamins and 2-4 times life sustaining minerals that a diet containing processed foods.

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