Ask Why And Weight Loss

Why and Weight Loss

Can you answer these why questions?

Why is the U.S. one of the most overweight and obese countries in the world?

Why are almost 70% of the adult U.S. population on at least one prescription drug?

Why do you continue to find it so hard to lose weight?

And why are the majority of health care practitioners still promoting a low fat diet even though research is showing that it just may be the answer to all the above questions?

Healthy saturated fat has been demonized for more than half a century when the problems just may have been caused by processed sugar and carbs all along.

In fact, without fat or protein you could not survive, but your need for carbs to survive is zero.

If you were to eliminate all the fat completely in your meals it could do serious harm to your body.

Things like disrupting your hormone levels, weaken your bones, impair digestion, kidney function and your immune system.

In fact, severe fat deficiency may cause organ failure and result in death.

You need fat for obtaining and absorbing the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Lack of vitamin A may cause night blindness and even total blindness.

Vitamin D deficiency may lead to bone softening rickets in children and weakening of your bones in adults.

Even though vitamin E deficiency is rare it can cause muscle weakness and vision problems.

And Vitamin K may cause poor blood clotting.

And without fat-soluble vitamins you may end up with severely dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions.

Now isn’t that strange coincidence that the more you take healthy fats out of your diet the sicker you can become?

And recent studies show that the more you reduce your carb intake the more you may become healthier?


But suggest that you want to try a very low carb, limited protein and high fat diet to most health care practitioner and watch out!

And here comes the question I started with….


Now I am NOT a doctor and do not hold a degree in dieting, but is that a bad thing?

After all look at this country’s health after following most of the health care practitioner’s advice to follow the low fat diet.

Do you think things are getting better or are they just getting worse?

In fact, overweight and obesity rates are showing no sign of slowing down.

The CDC projects that one-in-three adults could have diabetes by 2050.

But still most of the health care practitioners will still recommend you go on a low fat diet to lose weight, lower heart disease risks and lower your cholesterol.

I ask again….


But I have very good news for you!

You can find out these answers and many more by following JUST CLICKING HERE!

I don’t know your health history so talk to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.


I explore the many diets on the market. I looked at the USDA Myplate diet, diets high in protein low in fat and the high fat low carb diet plans. What I found is the high fat low carb diet seemed to have the most health benefits for you. But a high fat diet weight loss plan goes against everything you have been taught for your whole life. Plus if you have never been on a high fat low carb diet, you are so conditioned to sugar and grains at every meal you probably picture low carb dinner ideas as bland and tasteless. What I want to show you is a new diet plan that is tasty, healthy and easy to stick to because it eliminates all your cravings. Plus it tackles another problem with most diets, because it can be customized to your individual metabolism. When I was researching diets I noticed a lot were not customized. It was all about a “one size fits all” diet. So I wrote my own book the 3 Step Low Carb High Fat Diet plan which is a customized diet that adjusts according to each individual’s metabolism, and is based on the research I did on multiple high fat low carb diets.

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