ADD/ADHD and diet.

Approximately 6.4 million children 4-17 years of age have been told they have ADHD in 2011. That number is on the rise.

The good news here is scientists now agree that there may be a connection between the kinds of foods they eat and their behavior and symptoms.

Two recent studies show a relationship between diet and ADD/ADHD symptoms.

One, published in Pediatrics, concluded that pesticides, specifically organophosphates, found on fruits and vegetables may be linked to ADD/ADHD.

The higher the levels of the compounds detected in a child’s urine, the more likely the chance of having ADD/ADHD.

This can be corrected by eating organic fruits and vegetables.

In another study, published in Journal of Attention Disorders, showed that a Western diet that is made up of processed meats, fast foods, high-fat dairy products, and sugary foods doubled the risk of having an ADD/ADHD diagnosis, compared with eating a healthier diet.

So what would be a healthier diet?

Nutrition affects the ADD brain in three ways.

Your brain cells, like other cells in your body, need proper nutrition to carry out their functions and are dependent on diet for their production.

If your brain doesn’t get the right nutrition it circuits misfire.

Carbs affect brain function and mood.

Let’s take a closer look at carbs and ADD/ADHD Brain Power.

It has been noted that lower glycemic foods are best in helping you or someone you know with ADD/ADHD control behavior and improve performance.

The lower the glycemic foods the better.

In layman’s terms it means that a low carb diet that gets the majority of it carbs from vegetables is best.

But there are two types of low carb diets today, a low carb high protein and a low carb high fat.

So which low carb would be better diet for ADD/ADHD?

Fats make up 60 percent of your brain and of the nerves that run every system in your body.

But you need to know which are the good healthy fats to use in your diet. The better the quality of the fats the better the brain will function.

Find out what you know about diet and dieting by taking the short quiz.

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